Finding a Good Functional Medicine Practitioner

Have you ever gone to a doctor and felt like he doesnt get it. In some cases, you might visit a doctor hoping to get a proper diagnosis for your symptoms only for them to dismiss it as a virus. It may not be a problem with the doctor but with modern medicine which treats the disease rather than the cause. If you have a non-life threatening condition, seeking alternate care may be in your best interest. This a new area known as functional medicine. Your current doctor or your insurance provider are not likely to help you when it comes to finding a functional medicine practitioner. If you view here, you will find some handy tips on how to find a functional medicine practitioner.

To find a functional medicine practitioner you will enjoy working with is more or less the same as finding any other doctor. You just have to find the right resource and it is a piece of cake from there. You will, however, find it very difficult to find a good practitioner. In your search, the following resources can help you find the best practitioner in your area. These include the Institute for Functional Medicine, Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, and the American Association of Naturopathic Physician you are good to go. These resources only list the reputable practitioners.

You can also use the good old method of finding anything which is asking around. One can start with friends who may be using functional medicine or know someone who uses it. Remember that not many people are open about their medical issues so you may be surprised to find that someone you know has a medical practitioner.

Practitioners have different areas of specialization. It would be a mistake to go to a practitioner who has not specialized on the issue that you want help with. When you do this, you get some really good care. Let say you want help with a muscular issue, the last thing you want is a pulmonologist working on you.

You might want to find a general practitioner first and that is easy because all you need is to use basic search skills. One can benefit greatly from having a general practitioner in functional medicine because they can also be a great resource for finding specialists. It can be truly rewarding if you find a GP that you can trust.

Regardless of who makes the recommendations it is important to do your research. Reading articles like these can be very helpful because they get you a step closer to finding a functional medicine practitioner who can be of great help to you.