Techniques to Use When You Want to Improve Mobile Application Installs

Did you know there are more than five million applications found in the Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Amazon Appstore, and Blackberry World? For different mobile users this is a good thing. This is great news to end users because there have virtually all the applications they can use to make their mobile more useful. However, with so many applications in the market, this is not a good thing for mobile app developers. It implies your application, regardless of how extraordinary or cool it is, faces a tough undertaking getting the visibility it needs to pile on a large number of downloads. the major question therefore for app developers is to penetrate the app market and ensure they reach a million downloads. This report thus highlights the various useful tips an app developer can use to ensure their application gets millions of installation.

The first thing you need to do to ensure your mobile app gets a million downloads is to design an app that can be used in multiple platforms. Of the five application distribution platforms, Google Play, and Apple App Store are the most mainstream, boosting approximately three million and two million applications, respectively. Are you planning to use a single mobile app platform to distribute your application? If yes, reconsider your choice. While it’s exceptionally conceivable to build up an effective single-stage application since numerous designers have done it, your application stands a more prominent shot when it’s cross-stage. You would prefer not to lock out potential clients because the application isn’t accessible for their gadgets.

The second strategy you can use to ensure your new application get as many downloads as possible is to make sure you respond to clients feedback. As long your application has been downloaded by a handful of users you will start getting customer feedback. Some will basically give it a star rating and others will leave a remark. There not much you can do with the star rating but you can surely respond to the user comments. This is especially essential if your application is getting negative audits. If users realize that you are open to correction and you are improving the app, many people will be motivated to install your app and give it a try. If you dont respond to negative customer reviews, users will be discouraged and they will go for other options available in the market.

The third strategy you can use to increase the popularity of your application is to do app advertising. Numerous app developers dont have a budget indicating how much they are going to use on app advertisement but this method can help you increase app installs.