Qualities You Should Know of Pink River Dolphin

People take the pink dolphins as souls that can be melodious and those that can change their look this has been found in the pink dolphin facts . When the pink dolphin change its shape it can move from one area to the other without facing hindrances . The pink dolphin facts make people believe that the dolphins have some supernatural powers to control things . As the pink dolphin facts states that the dolphin can interact and do not have any fear to people. Most of the people think that the pink dolphins are people who turn into dolphins. The pink dolphin facts states that the dolphin can move its head from one side to the other unlike other types of dolphins.

The pink dolphin facts shows that the dolphin do not move very quickly because, in the process of moving, they go when getting their meals for the next day. The pink river dolphin can change its color into pink . It depends on the state of mind that the dolphin is in; hence it can change its look. They become bright in color when they are mostly happy. Most of the scientists cant explain where the dolphins get the pink color . When a pink river dolphin is growing it is always grey in color but as time passes it is always change its color into pink . The pink river dolphin lives by its self but that does not insinuate that they do encounter a fight with the other dolphins this is as the pink river facts reveal. The pink river dolphins may be changing colors to be a camouflage tactic . The pink dolphin facts state that as the pink river dolphins age, their skin becomes more see me through and the pink color is usually the blood vessels being seen . Most of the pink dolphin facts prove that the dolphins spend their life time deep in the waters. In case the water level decreases or increases in the pink river the dolphins will have to change their homes .

When it is raining heavy, the water in the rivers rises, this will be of great importance to the pink river dolphins as they will not have any problem when moving. The pink river dolphins swim in the water and do not leap out of the water like how other dolphins do and they do not have the tail fin hence it is hard to identify the dolphins when they are themselves . Due to people polluting the basin of the rivers where the dolphins live, it has become a threat to their homes.

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