What Is a Plant Nursery and What Is Its Importance

A plant nursery is a place established to raise or handle plant seedling up to the time they have attained maturity, to be transferred to the seedbed for permanent planting. A nursery bed is an important tool for the establishment of plants and you will prevent many things from happening if you choose it. The most important thing that you need to know before coming up with a nursery bed is the availability of water and location. Water supply should be continuous since seedlings are very permeable and when exposed to extreme heat, it can dry up. Therefore, make sure you consider the availability of water. Also, the location of the nursery bed is what you need to consider. When making a nursery make sure the slope of the land has no issues and the soils should be strong enough to withstand erosion. Therefore, through this article, you will know more about plant nursery and how it is important to raise seedlings.

A nursery bed will prevent the plant from pests and diseases. It is a fundamental thing, since most of the plant seedlings are susceptible to disease and can be attacked. Therefore, for you to protect them you need a nursery bed that you can easily access and apply the pesticides or uproot any weeds that will harbor pest. The process of uprooting weeds or spraying the pest is easily achieved without wasting much time if you consider a nursery for raising your seeds. It is key since as compared to when planting directly to the farm where you will have to sacrifice a lot, in order to reach each seed. Therefore, having a nursery bed is very essential and you should not avoid when establishing plant seeds.

The problem of difficult or hard soils is excluded. You need to understand that some soils will not allow the seedlings to grow by inhibiting plant root penetration. Therefore, to avoid such problems you need to first establish the roots of the plant, and using a nursery bed is vital. Remember you might be using a hybrid seed which is very expensive. Therefore, it is good to use a nursery bed to plant seedlings so as you will reduce losses.

You can make the right prediction on the harvesting time. It is very easy to estimate the output of your work. This is possible since you will be knowing the exact number of seedlings that you have planted. Also, the time of that you will harvest earlier and this is because a nursery bed will tend to reduce the growing season of the plant. Therefore, you can plan for other key operations on your farm if you know the growing cycle of your plants.

Finally, you will reduce field maintenance that can be costly. For instance, if you plant your seeds directly to the field, you will have to employ enough labor who will take care of the weeds by spraying, watering, removing the weeds, or plants with deformities. However, if you opt to use a nursery bed, all of these operations would have been reduced.

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