Boost the Professionalism of Your Site by Using WordPress Hacks

Statistics show that over 30% of all websites are powered by WordPress, and considering that there are billions of sites on the internet, it is realistic to say that WordPress will be used for a while.

A large amount of WordPress users are using the same content management systems default system, making designs seem similar to that of others, thus perceiving it to be redundant. Thus, to help your site pop up from the rest, there are some WordPress hacks that will be shown in this post so that your site will have its uniqueness and overall professionalism.

Considering that millions of businesses have a blog component in their website, you can make your first WordPress hack by adding author boxes to your blog. Be informed that search engines would take notice of your site through these blogs that could lead to massive uptick leads, and not to mention that these blogs are a great way to engage with your present customers.

The second manner to do WordPress hack is starting to backup your website, since because of hosting errors, PHP issues, hacks and for various reasons, websites could crash all the time. To prevent long crash, the favorite WordPress hacks is like backupbuddy that will save copies of your site, and can easily restore your site with a few clicks from its pre-crash state, thus reducing your downtime.

The next WordPress hacks that you can do is to install analytics into your sites back end, for this will help people to interact with their site. Through analytics, you will know which pages are resonating with your audience and which are not, and with the use of MonsterInsights, which is considered as one of the most powerful WordPress hacks, you will be able to optimize your website.

WordPress hacks can help unlimited attempts of loggers into your website by limiting your login attempt, and you can simply download the plugin called Login Lockdown and specify the number of attempts you would allow.

You can put your coding knowledge to work, and this is because of the biggest selling point of WordPress with the beautiful themes it offers and can be accessed to. This concern can be solved through the so-called theme customization which WordPress hacks would provide in some hidden-in-plain-site, thereby modifying the code of your theme.

Professionalism can be observed through attention of the minute details, and you can do this by adding icons to your navigation menu, and you can do this by downloading the Menu Image plugin, making use of another WordPress hacks.

Some sites used up a lot of searching feature and you can do this to up your search game to make your site looks like built by a coding genius, and you have in WordPress hacks the Full Screen Search which will increase your leverage and credibility with customers.