Bringing Together All Generations at Work

Generation Z , next to millennial, has the largest number of people joining employment today. The number of people over sixty going into retirement is also less. This is a workforce with a lot of diversity and that presents the HR with a challenge. The baby boomer generation makes up the upper-level management for many organizations, they have done well to adopt mobile technology but they are still yet to master some skills like typing. The work is to find the common ground between the generation Z which is tech savvy but socially deficient with the boomers who are socially viable but tech deficient.

Generalization of generations is common and something that is a bit to avoid . Involving everyone becomes a bit tricky . It is important to realize that generation has little to do with age but rather the historical experience that. During the age of the Baby Boomers, the tech revolutions were the internet and the computer and it was the age of the free love revolution as well. They bought technologies for their children in the 90s but has no time to learn about it. Boomers value loyalty compared to any other values.

The boomer generation became one of the most hardworking generations in memory after the free love revolution. The baby boomers will be more motivated with visible productivity, they prefer to work with more hands-on analog technology than the digital one. Thanks to intelligent character recognition that turns paper technology into digital technology the productivity of boomers that ate uncomfortable with technology can still be tapped. Telling what a future generation will do in the work place will do can be a little hard to be certain of . With the generation Z, they stand out in their own way as they are known to be well detected and from their parents they have a drive for mentorship.

This is the generation that is eager to learn and not take anything for granted . To successfully incorporate the generation Z in the workplace you should provide a mentor and preferably from the generation X or the millennial. At the workplace generation Z is bound to excel and whats more they will bring you some valuable knowledge that looking back you would have loved to own. Without the generation X the world would not be as we know it, they have a one of a kind can do attitude that has enabled them to scale the ladder. This generation is also known to be an early adopter of new technology and trends which betrays the fact that they did not grow around much of that. Millennial are not easily understood at the workplace, given the mobility they need at the workplace they will outdo all other generations.